User Agent format

Why User Agent is important

Our data platform processes all incoming requests made by all applications and websites that play or download episodes audio files, to generate IAB v2 certified metrics.

The User-Agent header (UA in short) is used to associate each play/download to a specific application, a device type but also the operating system. That’s why we suggest to all developers to use a well defined UA, so those information can be correctly processed and used.

Suggested format

The suggested format of the User Agent header is the following: APP_NAME/APP_VERSION (DEVICE_TYPE; DEVICE_OS; DEVICE_LOCALE)


Value Description
APP_NAME The name of your application. It will appear in our statistics charts.
APP_VERSION The version of your application.
DEVICE_TYPE The device your application runs on. It will be used to identify if the request comes from a phone, a tablet, a PC or smart speaker.
DEVICE_OS The operating system of the device. The version of it is optional.
DEVICE_LOCALE The current locale/culture of the device. Optional

Few examples

  • My Listening App/1.0.0 (iPhone10,6; iOS 13.1; en-GB)
  • My Listening App/1.0.0 (iPad7,1; iOS 13.1; en-GB)
  • My Listening App/1.0.0 (Phone; Android 9; it-IT)
  • My Listening App/1.0.0 (Tablet; Android 5.1; it-IT)

Legacy user agents

If your application uses a different structure for the User Agent that cannot be changed to comply to our suggestion, please contact us at reporting all UAs generated by your app, so we can make sure we’re able to correctly identify them all as your application.