Manage your Shows


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The show permalink is the identifier used to build the show’s webpage URL. By default, Spreaker generates the permalink using the show’s title once it’s created. Though it never automatically changes on its own, it can be changed by you anytime in a couple of different ways.

IMPORTANT: Please note that whenever you change the show’s permalink, its previous URL (created using the previous permalink) will no longer work.

The API POST /v2/shows/SHOW-ID supports the parameter autopermalink that will, when enabled, generate a new and unique permalink based on the show’s title.

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN" -F "title=New title" -F "autopermalink=true"

The API POST /v2/shows/SHOW-ID also supports the parameter permalink, giving you the freedom to choose any permalink, and not necessarily one that matches the show’s title. The provided permalink must be unique across the platform: if it’s invalid or already taken, you will get a 400 error.

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN" -F "permalink=new-title"

Changing the Show’s Image and Cover Image

A show can have a primary image that is displayed across Spreaker’s listening applications, shared on social networks, and exported to the RSS feed, and a cover image displayed as the top banner on the show’s page on Spreaker (ie. take a look at the If I Were You logo and cover image).

PRO: The cover image is a feature available only to users with Pro plans. Please check out the Spreaker Pro plans comparison table for more information.

Uploading a New Primary Image

To change the show’s primary image you must upload a new image_file that will replace the previous one. The uploaded image must be at least 400x400 (max size: 5MB, supported formats: JPG, PNG).

curl -v -X "POST" -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN" -F "image_file=logo.jpg"

Image cropping

The uploaded primary image can also be cropped on the server side by specifying the parameter image_crop. This parameter is a comma-separated list of 4 coordinates, delimiting the area to crop: top left X, top right Y, bottom left X, bottom right Y.

For example, let’s say we want to upload the following image, whose original size is 620x448 px, and want to request the server to crop it to a square format of 420x420px. The area to be cropped is the area delimited by the top left corner and bottom right corner coordinates: in this example, these coordinates are 104,14 px and 524,434 px, thus the image_crop parameter should be 104,14,524,434.

curl -v -X "POST" -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN" -F "image_file=logo.jpg" -F "image_crop=104,14,524,434"

Uploading a New Cover Image

To change the show’s cover image you must upload a new cover_image_file that will replace the previous one. The uploaded image will be resized at a width of 982px and a minimum height of 275px (we recommend you upload a 982x275px image to get the best result).

curl -v -X "POST" -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN" -F "cover_image_file=banner.jpg"

Vertical offset

Since the uploaded cover image will be resized to 982px in width, its height could wind up being higher than 275px. The API gives you a way to control the visible image area via cover_offset. This parameter allows you to change the first vertical pixel displayed. The default cover_offset is 0, thus displaying the top edge of the image and cutting off the bottom area.

For example, the following cover image has been rescaled to 982px in width, and its height after rescaling comes up as higher than 275px. The grayed area shows the area outside the screen (not visible), while only the full opacity area is visible. To adjust its vertical positioning by shifting it down by 70px, you can set the show’s cover_offset to 70.

curl -v -X "POST" -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN" -F "cover_image_file=banner.jpg" -F "cover_offset=70"

IMPORTANT: The value of cover_offset is the number of pixels the image should be shifted down to after it gets rescaled to 982px in width. If you’re uploading an image with a width that is different than 982px and you want to specify cover_offset in the same request, the value should be rescaled accordingly (cover_offset = original image offset * (982 / original image width)).