Manage Your Episodes


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Moving an Episode to a Different Show

An episode by default always belongs to a show, but you can move an episode from one show to another anytime (though both shows must belong to your account). To move an episode to a different show, you just have to change its show_id.

curl -v -X "POST" -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN" -F "show_id=NEW-SHOW-ID"

Replacing an Episode’s Audio File

A published episode always has its own associated audio file (called “media”), which is the audio file played or downloaded when a listener requests to play or download the episode, respectively. You can replace the episode’s audio file by uploading a new media_file of the episode itself.

curl -v -X "POST" -H "Authorization: Bearer OAUTH-TOKEN" -F media_file=@audio.mp3

If successful, the response will contain the episode data, your episode encoding_status will switch back to PENDING, and it will be immediately queued up for processing.

Processing: the episode will not be listenable or downloadable until the encoding_status switches to READY. This phase can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.