Spreaker For Developers

Spreaker platform enables you to host and listen thousands of radio shows. Spreaker provides a REST web service that enables developers to read and write data to Spreaker.

Getting Started

  1. Sign up for a Spreaker account
  2. Get your API key and secret
  3. Start Playing with Spreaker

Get your API Key and Secret

The Spreaker API allows you to easily read public information without authentication. For example, http://api.spreaker.com/show/9 returns all public information about "The bit a bit show". To get private information or to create / modify data, you need to be authenticated.

To get authenticated, you need to obtain your API key and secret:
  1. Open http://api.spreaker.com/whoami
  2. Read API key and secret from the response
  3. Save your API key and secret (they will never change)

Start Playing with Spreaker

For hard-core developers and hackers: API specifications
Want to integrate Spreaker on your website? Have a look at our Javascript SDK


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